Green Point Goblins Team Preview

Still reeling from the tournament committee's ruling against captain Mauritz Jordaan's proposal for his team to be named "The Greenpoint Pancakes", we asked the enigmatic leader for his thoughts on how his Goblins shape up for the tournament: Apparently he's quite confident..

Tell us how you feel about your squad

The squad is a true mixture of all sorts of players. We have some old, and some new players, some at the end of an illustrious career, and some peaking at the top of their career for this tournament alone. What we all have in common is that we’re all rare blokes and we will stop at nothing to win the GPPL.

Any players you were unhappy to miss out on?

Yeah, heard De Zorzi is also a winner in his heart, so he would’ve fit perfectly with the Green Point Goblins. Pity he couldn’t make the tournament.

- Mauritz Jordaan (c)
- Adam Scher
- Nate Alli (wk)
- Ash Bain
- Pete Nielsen
- Ramiz Kahn
- Gareth Hughs
- Samuel Wallace
- Firaaz Boolay
- Frank Norval
- Pieter van Dyk

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What should we look forward to seeing from your squad?

Well, blood might flow, we will entertain and we will lift that trophy. Simple as that. The Goblins fans is what inspires each and every one of us and we will not disappoint them.

Any particular team that you are wary of?

I am wary of walking close to any of the other teams, because they reek of defeat. Eeuw.

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