GPPL 2020 - Matchups to Watch

The first of what we all hope to be many GPPL's to come kicks off in a few short weeks. Following on from the player draft on Thursday the 22nd, skippers and squads alike will now turn their attention to getting themselves ready for our first taste of cricket in almost 9 months. In case you were wondering...that's about how long it takes to make a baby. Just some perspective...

    Ali vs Fraser, Schumacher vs Hakkinen, Ronaldo vs Messi, Federer vs Nadal, USA vs Europe, Hannah Montanna vs Miley Cyrus, Shappy vs Elliot. Take them all and get rid of's time to talk about the real matchups!

      1. The Seapoint Strikers, vs turning for the second
      Willo's only gone and picked himself some units! 1's & 6's boys!
      2. Reevy vs the bar
      Can he go two in a row on the sleepover? We have two weekends to find out!
      3. Anyone vs the Three Anchor Titans
      Already tipped as the squad to watch, the rest of the sides will place some value on this W for sure!
      4. Shazza vs Elkin
      Some big words were heard from Shazza on the stick he wants the most this tournament. Quoted as saying "away, away & get him with the in ducker". Fighting talk!
      5. Ash Bain vs his hamstring
      6. The new boys vs the old guard
      There has been some genuine quality added to the ranks at GPCC this season. Those new boys will be looking to stamp some authority on things whilst the regulars will be looking to knowledge of the conditions to kee them in the box!

      "There’s Neil Harvey standing at leg slip with his legs wide apart, waiting for a tickle. The bowler’s Holding, the batsman’s Willey" - Richie Benuad

      Folks, this is going to be one for the ages! Get everyone you know down to watch. We guarantee a better crowd turnout than this year's IPL & English summer tests combined!

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